Thursday, January 9, 2014

Zombie HQ Sambangi Now Official Windows Store

As one of the interesting game which has just visited the Windows Store , Zombie HQ not only supports Windows 8, but it also has to support the tablet -oriented Windows-based RT.
As well as supporting iOS and Android , Zombie HQ game also features the same large , and includes support for a gamepad , awesome graphics , various models of weapons , and some of the playable character.

With the play , Windows gamers have to do the main mission in recapturing the city in a way fighting the undead hordes , rescue survivors , scavenge a variety of weapon and its available resources , trying to obtain cash and goods that are needed to complete . In addition to the items that are available for free , HQ Zombie games are intended for the Windows 8 platform and Windows RT , it is also providing some extra stuff that is only available for a fee.

And for those of you who are curious and eager to try it , can go directly to the Windows Store here to review and download Zombie HQ for the Windows 8/RT.

Description: Zombie HQ Sambangi Now Official Windows Store Rating: 5 Reviewer: Rizal Romadhoni Hidayatullah ItemReviewed: Zombie HQ Sambangi Now Official Windows Store


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