Friday, January 10, 2014

Lenovo ThinkPad S531, Lenovo's first Ultrabook Sambangi Catwalk

Coinciding with the event Xander Zhou fashion show at London Fashion Week recently , Lenovo reportedly has successfully released the latest S531 ThinkPad ultrabook arena catwalk.

By wrapping chasing aluminum and magnesium alloy makes it look look sturdy and strong , while the existence of a unified single hinge allowing this ultrabook can open as wide as 180 degrees until all visible sides appear parallel to the surface.

Moreover, with the support of a backlit keyboard with multimedia keys and immediate access to view the application , making the latest ultrabook is able to optimize the operation of Windows 8 . Not to mention the existence of iconic TrackPoint along side with a large trackpad with the 5 - point integration and click on the glass surface that could facilitate and support all existing operations.

And even to support the system's performance in it , Windows 8 -based ultrabooks have been entrusted entirely to the third generation Intel Core processor Ivy Bridge integrated GPU collaborated with a capacity of up to 10GB of RAM plus . While the solution of robust storage medium itself , this ultrabook practically rests on the existence of 500GB hard drive and 4 - in- 1 card reader.

Description: Lenovo ThinkPad S531, Lenovo's first Ultrabook Sambangi Catwalk Rating: 5 Reviewer: Rizal Romadhoni Hidayatullah ItemReviewed: Lenovo ThinkPad S531, Lenovo's first Ultrabook Sambangi Catwalk


  1. Hello.. Salam.. Setelah saya membaca
    artikel ini ternyata banyak membantu buat saya.
    Namun saat ini saya sedang mencari produk ini.

    Namun adapun harga yang ditawarkan oleh :

    Apakah sudah cukup bagus atau belum ya.. ? mohon
    sekali atas sarannya dari anda, Sekian yang dapat saya sampaikan pada kesempatan kali ini, terima kasih..

  2. Hello.. This is a good Lenovo .. and Good Article, as I also looking for this product. However, I want to ask whether the offering price from
    Is good enough or not ? please kindly advice me, Thank You very much..


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