Friday, December 27, 2013

Socialize Microsoft Active Start Cessation Support Windows XP

Towards the termination of support for Windows XP that will be realized on April 8, 2014 , Microsoft seems to always use every opportunity to promote and remind everyone to leave the operating system that has existed for the annual 11.

Tami Reller , who served as Executive Vice President of Microsoft 's Marketing Group , which was then featured as a speaker at an event the Intel Developer Forum 2013 in San Francisco , confirmed that Windows XP will no longer be a secure platform and vulnerable to various attacks.

Realizing this , he also stressed on the importance of all people starting now to get used to not depend on Windows XP again and even started to think to immediately switch to another newer Windows . In addition , he also claims that Windows 8 when this is the most secure platform ever launched by Microsoft.

On the other hand , Brandon LeBlanc , who served as Senior Marketing Communications Manager of Microsoft 's Marketing Group also revealed about how concentrated and intensified it in driving the business audience and consumers to want to speed up switching to other windows are newer to consider all aspects and factors that are likely to arise when the migration process.

Windows XP is still used by more than 33 percent of computers worldwide , according to data from Net Applications . Meanwhile , Microsoft appears to have predicted the market share of Windows XP would later be immediately dropped to about 10 percent before the month of April 2014 that will come.

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